Presentation . Personality

To inspire and convince the audience it is indispensable to generate a captivating start. The implementation of a goal- and participant-focused discussion and presentation structure guides your audience to binding next steps. A motivating conclusion of your presentation ensures that at the end the tension remains.

Program Content

  • Didactics – Leading Presentations
  • Clear goal definition and preparation
  • 5 levels to prepare based on Laura Baxter (systematic & systemic)
  • Structure of a continuous voltage arc (R.C.F.)
  • Present safely and confidently
  • Audience and target-oriented structure of the presentation
  • Didactic structure and didactic reduction
  • Moderation circle at the slide transition
  • Methodological competence and media use
  • The sovereign and convincing appearance
  • Presentation and moderation tools
  • Effective use of Flipchart, presentation boards, notes and leaflets
  • Interactive presentations
  • Video & Audio Feedback

Target Group

The training is aimed at specialists and executives, as well as team and project managers from all areas who wish to successfully moderate discussions and meetings and convincingly use presentation media.



Methodology . Didactics

Sovereign presentation

Architecture of conviction



Duration 1 - 2 days
Participant max. 8 persons
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