Project Management . Team

Customer satisfaction starts with clear, structured and optimized project management. In order for a project to pay off for both, the client and the company, it’s important to prepare all employees to plan, implement and manage projects so well that they can be a resounding success for everyone involved.

Program Content

  • Project Management (PM) Terminology
  • Definition, structure and components of a project
  • Clearly formulate project goals, requirements analysis
  • Phases and concepts of project management
  • Information gathering, project preparation and conception
  • Project teams (roles, tasks, responsibilities)
  • Project planning, organization of information flows
  • Tasks of the project manager and the project participants
  • Resource management (HR, time, budget, costing)
  • Planning, implementation and control of projects
  • Tools and methods
  • Risk analysis and conflict management
  • Effective and efficient project teams
  • Working in a team and role understanding
  • Phases of team development and team efficiency
  • Feedback rules and stress as a productive factor
  • Video feedback

Target Group

The training is aimed at project managers and team members of all hierarchy levels who would like to plan and manage their projects even better in order to be able to implement projects in a more targeted and successful way.



Project Management Basic

Project Management Development

Team Basic

Team Development


Duration 1 - 3 days
Participant 15 persons
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