Methods . Business-Simulations (Games)

Practical approach, relevance and sustainability in the context of a training is supported by the use of target- and participant-oriented methods. Competence in method and media change assures you an intensive transfer of learning and guarantees you a varied and lively seminar.

Methods . Media

We use the following methods as needed:

  • Teaching lectures and doctrinal talks
  • Individual and partner work
  • Triad and group exercises
  • Business case exercises
  • Video & Audio Feedback
  • Presentations
  • Metaplan cards, presentation walls, flipchart
  • Beamer presentations
  • Interactive voting
  • Learning field relocation and transfer exercises
  • profilingvalues – potential & personality analyzes

Business-Simulations / GAMES

In cooperation with BTI Business Training International GmbH we offer different business-simulations and games. Learning transfer and performance compression are maximally increased if participants develop the content in teams themselves and thus implement it immediately. Reflection units and course contents form the basis and support the attitude towards the seminar goals. The strengthening of entrepreneurial thinking and action, adaptive negotiation strategies, process optimization and successful project management are just a few of the possible target areas.




Half day workshop

Training on the job

Web-Coaching / Webinare

Business simulations


open seminars

Duration 1 - 3 days
Participant max. 12 persons
Simulations up to 24 persons


  • Enables the systematic understanding, design and initiation of projects
  • Professional and intuitive way to approach project work
  • Intercultural and interdisciplinary understanding of the company and the project
  • Professionally design and plan and organize right from the start
  • Dialogue at eye level: Ensures that everyone involved understands the project
  • Different perspectives and expertise in project management


  • Entrepreneurial thinking and acting
  • Cost awareness and understanding of business processes
  • Support for business-relevant decisions
  • Positive influence of the individual on the productivity and profitability of the company
  • Business Administration Competence
  • Strengthen cooperation in local and virtual teams
  • Creative ideas and impulses for process optimization
  • Defining concrete measures to increase the company’s success

Global Strategy

  • Entrepreneurial thinking and acting.
  • Sales strategies of the future
  • Product and Market Penetration, Global Business
  • Process optimization in administration and sales
  • Support for business-relevant decisions
  • Business Administration Competence
  • Strengthen cooperation in local and virtual teams
  • Business contexts and decision criteria
  • Individual target agreement

„ready – set – go!“ – Projektmanagement

  • Professional project management
  • Plan, start, implement, steer and successfully complete projects
  • The roles and participants in project management
  • Criteria of successful teamwork
  • Strengthen cooperation in local and virtual teams
  • Methods and techniques of successful project management
  • Entrepreneurial thinking and acting.
  • Individual target agreement


  • The getKanban simulation game communicates the concepts and mechanisms of agile project management with a lot of interaction and enthusiasm
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