profilingvalues is a scientific tool to improve personal and personal development in such a way that the greatest possible efficiency is achieved:

  • Objective and reliable analysis of skills and potentials
  • Recognizing the associated motivation for the individual skills
  • Direct access to individually relevant coaching topics
  • More security in personnel selection
  • Avoid mistakes and optimize internal appointments
  • Overcome hidden conflicts and conflict potentials
  • Come faster into the team phases “norming” and „performing”


Find talent

Quickly identify and select future employees with sought-after skills and motivation.


To develop and promote employees in a targeted manner and to use existing potential in the best possible way.

TEAM Building

Promote cooperation and analyze team conflicts, and solve them effectively.


Optimize development paths in terms of personality and with regard to individual potential.

With 20 minutes of investment, you will receive an objective, reliable and validated analysis of the profiler’s capabilities and potential. The result will convince you in its quality, stability and reliability (it is not manipulatable).

Michael Biegner lizenzierter profilingvalues Expert


    1 Einzelreport

    179 €

    1 Single report including evaluation and analysis

    on request
  • SINGLE PROFIL ab 5 Personen

    each Single report including evaluation and analysis

    on request

    Single report including evaluation and analysis plus sales report evaluation

    on request
  • TEAM Report

    Single report including evaluation and analysis plus team evaluation

    on request
  • Personnel Selection / Internal Recruitment

    Single report including individual evaluation and comparison to the defined job profile

    on request

The prices are exclusive of VAT.

The value-metric method meets all the quality requirements that are placed on a scientific psychological test procedure and is regarded in science as the most consistent orientation. Particularly important are the main quality criteria objectivity, reliability and validity. Objectivity means that the result of a psychological test is not distorted or influenced by the test situation, the test leader, the test evaluation or the interpretation of the results themselves. Reliability stands for depentability and accuracy and includes the temporal stability of the results, consistent test items for the feature to be detected and equivalent measurements. The accuracy refers to the validity of the measurement survey and the results obtained from the results. Basically, valid tests measure exactly what they should measure.